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spent the weekend up North with Mum for the weekend, and it was just what I needed. I needed a little TLC, and so there is nothing better for that than heading home. We watched lots of TV, I slept in as much as I could, and.. most excitingly.. we went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park! I LOVE it there, and if you ever find yourself up North then you must visit (weather permitting, it's shit if it's raining). It's one of the best collection of sculptures I have seen before, and it's even more magical for the fact it's spread out all throughout the countryside. From Ai WeiWei, to Henry Moore, there are a lot of permanent pieces there, and then some indoor galleries that always have different exhibitions on too. This weekend they also had some HUGEE Damien Hirst pieces which I hadn't seen there before. As it's a day spent mostly outside walking through grass, I wore a practical combination of my Tod's boots from last Winter that I am very pleased to be wearing again, my Toteme jeans and my new Raey knitwear. An easy outfit that I felt really nice in too (not to mention also very cosy)

Read more about Yorkshire Sculpture Park here


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