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This post is sponsored by Mytheresa and ShopStyle 


I am back today with a new blog post sharing two very exciting new in items from Mytheresa which I shall be wearing endlessly for the foreseeable future. I am sure many of you will know Mytheresa is an incredible luxury retailer, but both of these pieces sit in the sweet price spot that doesn’t make your eyes water so much, and feels way more justifiable when they are the sort of  Winter purchases I buy now and wear for months and months to come. 


First up are these Tod’s boots, I first saw these last season and LOVED them, but had just bought my Church’s ones so couldn’t talk myself into buying a second pair at the time. I was so happy when I saw them available this season too. I have only worn them to shoot these photos but they are SO comfy!!! Like instantly comfy, no breaking in, nothing at all. I love how clompy they are, and while they have the minimalism my Church’s have too, that clompiness makes them feel very different to style. And as you can see they look amazing with a skinnier leg jean which has been my go-to recently! 


Secondly, we have this coat from APC. You all know I have been pondering which style of coat to buy for this season. I wasn’t sold on a long one this time around, but also was aware that while a short one might be the aesthetic I was after, practically it does leave you with a cold bum. Enter the mid length coat, a pretty obvious answer really!! This one is a corduroy number in a gorgeous navy blue that is very very padded (so much so that I would recommend sizing up if you want to wear chunky knitwear underneath) and therefore very cosy and warm. I love the little collar detail, and just how simple it is. I will wear it as I have here for the winter, and while it is remaining unseasonably warm will also style with straight leg jeans and trainers for a very Alexa Chung inspired look! 


Check out everything else Mytheresa has to offer here, and they also have a 30% flash sale you can shop here


BOOTS: TOD’S | COAT: APC - both c/o Mytheresa


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