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Visited Amsterdam for a couple of nights earlier this week and spent one afternoon wandering around with my camera capturing what have turned out to be some of my favourite ever shots of Amsterdam that I’ve done. I think this is the sixth time I have visited, and it’s always one of my favourite European cities. It’s amazing to get to see it in the Autumn right before it gets really cold there, but it still has that incredible cosy and homey feeling. I spent most of the day working in the new Soho house which I think is the nicest one I have ever been to, and then walked around enough to finally start to get my bearings on the city which is something I have always struggled with there.

Anyway, no outfits to share in this one, I am loving these blog posts full of photos I have taken without me in them! Something a bit different from time to time. And I hope they make you feel all warm inside and cosy, because I know they do for me.

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