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  1. When it comes to work, keep your head down and do your own thing. You will be the most successful when you’re only comparing yourself to what you’ve done previously. Nothing will motivate you more than that desire for improvement.

  2. Nothing improves your mental health like exercising at least twice a week.

  3. If in doubt, go for a long walk and play your music really really loud.

  4. Invest in skincare. But don’t try it all out at the same time, spots galore if you do.

  5. Believe in serendipity, over the past few months I have believed in it more than ever. Things will fall into place for you when they’re meant to, and if they’re not right now it’s because it’s not quite the right path for you yet.

  6. Watch Buffy, Sex and the City and Narcos. You need nothing more in your life.

  7. Working all hours that god sends isn't a sign of success. Balancing it makes you more productive than ever!

  8. Buy linen sheets from the Conran Shop and you will never look back.

  9. Get lots of ear piercings, it’s fun and they look amazing. Fill them with gold hoops and sparkly studs.

  10. This is a little story. About two months ago I was having a really hard day. I was so emotional, had publicly cried in Westfield, and all the little things were tipping me over the edge. I asked Lindsey if she could come over for a bit to keep me company. While she was at mine I tried to order a Buffy book for my TV stand, got all excited when I found the right one, ordered it straight away only to realise it was an e-book. Linds and I laughed and laughed. Had I been on my own, that would have been another thing to make me cry and tip me over the edge and think ‘oh how typical!!’ Reaching out when you need help, and having the right company around you can change your perspective on things so much.

  11. Travel lots and make lots of amazing memories. I have seen the world this amazing people this past year, there isn’t one trip I regret taking or would change for anything.

  12. Keep lots of funny videos on your phone of you and your friends to watch when you have no phone signal somewhere. I have some that make me cry with laughter.

  13. Accept Deliveroo into your life with open arms and remember I will never judge you if you order both your lunch and dinner on there, several times a week.

  14. Buy a film camera and use it all the time. The Olympus Mju II is the best one to start with. Or just a disposable one.

  15. Remember self care isn’t just running a bath and putting on a face mask. Sometimes you can do that and feel in no better place that you did when you started. The most important self care is understanding what will make you feel better in that moment; speaking to someone on the phone, spending time alone, going over to a friends house. Whatever it may be.

  16. The company you keep is a reflection of you. My proudest achievement is the people surrounding me and how incredible they all are.

  17. Don’t wear a bra if you don’t want to. Whether you are wearing a bra or not is so unimportant, and no-ones choice but your own.

  18. Rewear all your favourite clothing from last season this season too, and every other season to come.

  19. If you have freckles don’t cover them up.

  20. The moments you laugh the most will always be a moment you had to be there to get, and will never translate in a story to someone else, so just don’t try.

  21. If something is making you cry all the time then it’s probably not the right thing in your life at that time.

  22. If, like me, you find it hard to trust your own judgement, call on your support network to help you. I don’t often experience gut feelings and overthink most things, so bouncing it off people helps me so much.

  23. Call you parents almost everyday if you can.

  24. Know that bad bouts of feeling anxious, sad, or worried will pass. When you’re in the thick of it it’s so easy to loose sight of who you are and what normal feels like for you. I promise you it will come back, take each day at a time until it does.

  25. The holy trinity of drinks in the morning goes like this; one glass of water while the kettle boils. One cup of tea while you get ready. One cup of coffee when you sit down to work.

  26. Listen to Future Islands, a lot.

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