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I have had an entire week in London and have a few more weeks of that ahead of me, which feels like heaven right now. The weather has been perfect this week, lots of sunshine and the temperature creeping up - you know when you can just smell Spring in the air (even if it is mid Feb, and perhaps a little premature baring in mind how awful the weather was in March last year). It’s making me very happy all the same, and very inspired even if that inspiration is mostly rooted in looking ahead to the coming season and the content I want to create with that/what I want to wear. That feeling is combined with being a bit overwhelmed with work - in a really good way though! It’s gotten so busy, its 9pm on a Sunday as write this, which isn't something I have allowed myself to do in a long time!! It’s also meaning I haven't had the chance to scrapbook for last week’s blog posts, but I am hoping to get some time later this week and have another one of those posts ready for you soon!

Also two new pieces in my wardrobe I am loving are this giant Arket shirt, and cream & Other Stories blazer.

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