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Through the sartorial monotony I have been experiencing over the past year, I have at least learnt more and more about re-wearing one item multiple ways. In fact, so many ways, there are some pieces I am sick of the sight of. But, for those that really are proving their worth and versatility, I thought I would start a new series to showcase them. 

First up, these Raey trousers. They were gifted to me a month ago, and have jumped straight into my top 3 favourite tailored trousers (along with my AMI and Filippa K ones). They fit like a dream, and come un-hemmed which is great for me because they happened to be the perfect length that way, but also great to get tailored easily if you're not as tall. 

I am wearing them here with a gorgeous backless top from St. Agni (also gifted), that I can't wait to wear in the Summer. A very old and well loved cardigan from Jigsaw, and of course the classic combination of great tailoring and a white t-shirt (will I ever tire of this look?!), with an Arket t-shirt too. 

Photos by Isaac Marley Morgan. 

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