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I spent the weekend just gone in St Tropez (as one does), and it was my first time ever visiting that part of France. Ben and I were there for his friend’s birthday party, and let me say I have never been a party like that before, and I don’t think I ever will again! It was brilliant! We spent the weekend drinking cocktails and Rosé by the pool (still on the journey of learning to love wine, but we are getting there). I mostly spent the weekend in a bikini, but when I did get dressed I went for some really French Riviera vibes!! I LOVE how much my style can be slightly influenced by where I am in the world. I spent the weekend wearing lots of all white; some new trousers from Faithful the Brand (they sent me these, but I bought the same pair in brown for testing basics a while go). My Bec & Bridge shorts which I love (this pair online are super similar). My Jimmy Choo heels which are some of my faves, they are so easy to walk in and I spent hours and hours dancing in them. I hugely recommend them, they also go with EVERYTHING! These shorts from Fillipa K that are so comfy and the perfect about of ‘Dad on holiday with the kids in Orlando’ vibes (similar option here). Aside from dancing in my Jimmy Choos, my Everlane sandals didn’t leave my feet - the biggest strap across the top fo the foot took some wearing in, but they are so comfy now! 


The theme of the party was gold, I thankfully had some pieces in my wardrobe already that could make the perfect gold ensemble. Sadly, Ben did not - and his attempts to order a tacky gold suit online were too little too late, as it arrived the day after we left. So we had to improvise with some body paint. A trip to Makeup Forever and three hours of hard work later, Ben had the most skin tight suit he would ever, ever wear. It was so much fun, I was bloody proud of my artwork, and managed to not be mad when he jumped in the pool at 2am and washed all the glitter away. 

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