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A new item in my wardrobe to share with you all! This gorgeous knit from Raey. The brand invited me into their store a couple of weeks ago to pick out two new pieces. Obviously I was VERY excited at the prospect, as you guys know what a huge fan of the brand I am. I picked out this knit, and an amazing coat that I will be sharing with you next week. This knit, in true Raey style, is HUGE. I am wearing an XS/S and I could still fit myself into it twice. It is available in some other colours, but I went with the grey one because I don't have a grey knit so this was filling a nice little space in my wardrobe. It's a little too big to comfortably wear under a coat that isn't equally huge, so I am really enjoying wearing it with just a t-shirt underneath, while the weather will permit. It's unbelievably soft and warm, and the sort of piece I feel reluctant to take off while I am in the house, but am making myself do so because I don't want to have to take it to the dry cleaners, as to be parted with it for even more than a day at the moment would be a trial for me. Huge thank you to Raey for letting me choose some pieces, they have to be one of my all time favourite brands - but to any of you tempted to place an online order, I would say go AT LEAST one size down. The sizing is meant to be oversized, but even as a lover of oversized pieces, I sometimes struggle with just how huge the clothes can be from them. 


Photos by Isaac 

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