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I did it, once again, I moved house. With everyone around me pleading "stay here for two years this time!!" It was the most stressful move I have never done, and after a week of stress and poor mental health running up to it, it felt like a tipping point that really had the potential to tip either way. Thankfully, it's tipped into the realm of something positive. Even after just a few nights there I am feeling so settled, so much more calm, and so at home already. I have moved once a year for the past four years, and part of me is worried I am now so used to that routine I am going to constantly suffer from itchy feet at the 9 month mark at any place I am living!! But this time felt motivated by very different things. I was so ready for a new area, after two years in West London, East feels so much more 'me' now and full of so much more opportunity. Even just the prospect of having a new environment to walk around is so exciting to me, to build new routines around new local areas, new friendships that are close by. I feel like I have moved to an entirely new city, which really is the beauty of London and it's distinct areas. 

I wanted to share a lot of photos and words in this post. This is how I want more and more of my posts to be going forward, something to really get your teeth stuck into. It might mean less posts in a week, I am not sure yet, I just know I didn't feel stimulated or satisfied by my recent content on here. Today I am sharing some photos of my old flat, some of the new, some of London in the Autumn. Alongside lots of memories and moments that I will hold onto. I think moving house is a really normal time to feel nostalgia, and I have been reflecting a lot on the growth I did at my old place, but even more so about the exciting prospect of a fresh start, and all the bubbling possibilities that seems to hold. 

I am already loving waking up in a space where I walk downstairs and open the shutters in a morning. Make a cup of tea and look out into the garden. Sleep in my new king sized bed with my linen sheets and read my books with a different view in front of me. While I ultimately don't recommend putting yourself through the stress of moving one a year, there is so much to be said to how it can make you feel refreshed and invigorated!

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Photos on 120mm by Isaac Marley Morgan

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Contact sheet for some of these photos, and some other from LA which I forgot were on this roll of film. That's the beauty and difficulty of film in a nutshell!

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Photos taken by me on my Contax G2, with a 90mm and 35mm lens. Developed at Labyrinth, Bethnal Green. 

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