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Anyone who watches my videos (vlogs will be back soon, I promise, after a particularly hard week or so I haven't found it in me to speak to a camera, but I promise I will get back to it soon), will know I am spending my daily exercise on the moors, going on a very long (and very isolated) walk. It's like a different world up there, as soon as you get onto the top, just an expanse of space that is so serene and beautiful. I bought myself a digital camera to create content with, as I won't be able to develop film, and spent some time yesterday trying to get film look I love with a digital image. I think I have a bit of a way to go but it's been a nice little project. And I think it lends itself well to the gorgeous colours and textures of the moor. I feel like no matter how many weeks I end up spending here, no matter how many walks along the moors I take, there will always be new details I spot along the way. 

hope you are doing well, or as well as can be expected in these times. These few weeks have been harder on me than I ever expected, and I feel as though all my coping mechanisms have sort of flown out the window, along with any chance of me feeling balanced or in control of my emotions and my own life. Of course I know I am still and that we are collectively going through something so overwhelming. So with that in mind, I really hope you're all doing ok and navigating through this as best you can - of course being kind to yourself along the way. 

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