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WOWEEE where did my inspiration get to?! I am going blame it on this dreadful weather that has sent me retreating back into my Autumn wardrobe at a time I want to be braving bare legs and tank tops. Anyway, along with the sunshine having departed, so has my creativity and inspiration. Which means one thing only, it’s time for an inspo post. I did what I always do, head over to Tumblr to see what’s what and get the inspo going again, while browsing online for some pieces I wish I was wearing right now. 


This is going to be my go-to smart evening look. The bigger the better, huge blazers with Bermuda shorts and some strappy sandals. YES PLEASE. I don’t think I need to go and buy anything for this, I am not feeling too precious about the suit being a percfectly matching set. These linen Asceno shorts with this Everlane blazer will be the perfect place to start - styled with a white high neck tank top and some gold hoops too. 


Continuing on the theme of a white tank top, I have been loving all white looks for a while now. It’s all in the textures to break it up a little bit and stop it looking too clinical. From linen shirts with cream denim shorts, to cotton t-shirts with linen trousers, I frankly think the positives of an all white outfit outweigh the constant peril of spilling something down your yourself.


WAISTBANDS! Maybe it’s because I know I will soon be in Italy gorging myself on pasta, but I think elastic waistbands should be a summer essential. I love the look of short with one, I ordered these from Terry for my holiday and they are totally hideous and amazing! Even just a pair of men’s boxers for lounging by the pool in is a look I love!


Embrace the nip, as always. I love a sheer knit, and I do accept its bold to go braless here, so I think opting for a nice white bra underneath is a good option too. With something so sheer, you are always going to be able to see something, whether that be bra or nip, so it’s best to be confident with it and wear your favourite bra so it looks like a deliberate decision. I was gifted a couple of tops from Vince (this white one, and this off white one) which I love and are satisfying all my sheer knitwear needs. 


The Rolling Thunder Revue documentary came onto Netflix this week and I am loving it. I am a huge Dylan fan and there is so much footage in this that I had never seen. From live performances to Dylan and Patti Smith chatting away. I need to spend more time seeking out inspiration from films and documentaries, because there is so much there yet I always gravitate back to photography.


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