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I’ve just got home from another Amsterdam weekend with Ben. We managed to fit so so much in, and some amazing meals too. Friday morning we started with coffee and breakfast at Toki which was delicious, and that night we had a fancy meal at Beulings which was proper fancy fine dining but was really delicious and such a treat. Saturday we started the day with breakfast at CoffeeConcepts, they do this chicken and avocado sandwich that is a force to be reckoned with. Then for lunch (I promise we did lots of walking around in-between, not just back to back eating) we went to Meatless District which lots of people had recommended to me. As the title suggests its a meat free place so perfect for any veggies or vegans. The evening was spent in this gorgeous little whiskey bar which is right up my street, I couldn’t even say how many different whiskeys they had! It’s in the not-so-nice part of Amsterdam but worth venturing to all the same. Sunday was our culture day we really did fit a lot in!! Starting with breakfast at Dignita, before heading to Foam which is the photography museum. It’s not too big so you only need about an hour to explore it all in full, but I really loved all the work in there. We then went to Our Lord In The Attic which is museum based in an old house which has a hidden Catholic Church inside it, and finally Rembrandt’s House which I really loved, especially the part where they demonstrated how the mixed the paints they used. Annnnd then finally dinner at a pizza place which was AMAZING, if you can opt to sit at the bar because then you can watch them make the pizzas!

I pretty much wore the same outfit all weekend because of how much I love this Toteme jacket that I bought last week. It’s the perfect piece to throw on and feel effortless in, while also look so bloody good with everything in my wardrobe. Also spent the weekend in my old Superga trainers, and now very much want to order these Novesta ones too which are a similar vibe!

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