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there are some updates around here...

Hey guys! I hope you're all well and having a great week so far. I am excited to share some updates arond here! I have LOVED having the grid format on my blog, and seeing so many posts in all one place. I have found it really inspiring to see all my own content in one place in that way, and makes it easier to see the things I wanted to change. However, when you click on the individual posts, thats when I was feeling a little less inspired. I have been loving creating realllyyy big blog posts that aren't just outfit posts, but it sort of felt like endless scrolling sometimes. I want to find a way to share the same amount of content, but make it more interesting, with the individual posts a little more varied. With this new layout I can change the fonts, I can add clips of video, and layout the photos in so many more ways. Sometimes it will be the classic blog style, lots of scrolling of images the same size, but I am excited to be able to mix things up a little bit more too. 

photo 4.jpg
photo 4.jpg
JPEG image-D03B9610551B-2.jpeg
JPEG image-D03B9610551B-3.jpeg

I put such a lot of time into editing and shooting photos for my blog, I basically want them all to have as much limelight as possible! I can incorporate the scrapbooking/collaging things I have been working on through the layout of this, and share little snippets of all the things I share on my phone all the time! 

I have had to manually move all my old posts over, so I have focused on doing all my favourite ones since I last updated my blog design. I have updated some of them to be in line with this new design and the features I can add - please do click around and revisit the old posts on here because each one is a little different from the rest. 

The comments box is back too! I was finding that the "chat" section on the previous one just ended up being specific questions about specific posts anyway, so we have this section back underneath each post now instead! 

As always, feedback is so so welcome. So please do let me know what you think! xxx 

JPEG image-9D79A343BAD3-1.jpeg
JPEG image-9D79A343BAD3-2.jpeg
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