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Hey you guys. From time to time, I really love sitting down to share a little list of thoughts with you. Nothing too coherent, no link between them all other than that they are tied together by the fact they have been floating around my head recently. Accompanied with some photos Isaac took for me at home in my short time there before heading back to Italy, while wearing my Tods loafers, Raey cream trousers that are wool so actually a little too warm for Summer, and this & Other Stories loose fitting tank top

1. Books. I am in such a good flow with reading. It's something I am capable of neglecting for months and months at a time. If I get out of the habit, everything else gets in the way. But as soon a I am back into it I am reminded of how much I love it and vow to never loose the flow of it again. It was a two week holiday that got me into devouring books again, I often find I need lots of free time to feel like I can dedicate any time to a book, but I am now trying to shift my priorities so that reading is a more constant part in my life. So far, so good! I am constantly looking for little pockets of time in the day where I can pick up my book again.

2. Having less. I am in, yet another, phase of feeling overwhelmed by stuff. I am desperate for less. I want to get to the point where you guys know more or less every item in my wardrobe, and every new item is discussed with you all for why I bought it/accepted it as gifting etc etc. I feel like I can really get there and this will be an amazing way to re-evaluate my fashion content online. I just need the time to go through it all!! As always, time is constant excuse...

3. That leads me to my next point. I NEED some time at home. I feel so uprooted at the moment due to just having so little time there recently. I love to travel but when there is little time in-between, the effects can feel negative on my mental health. I have a little chunk coming up and I can't wait. I am hoping I can make a start on the above point there too, and see what sort of re-start that might bring to my content too. 


4. Create more consciously - similar to my clothes, and maybe these two are linked, I feel overwhelmed with my content. All the things I want to do, need to do, all the photos I have to edit/scan. I feel like I need to remind myself what it is I like to create, both on here and YouTube, and keep focused on that. Negative comments are part and parcel of this job, and I normally brush them off so well, but recently some have stung a little. The ones that hurt are always the ones questioning my work, and it can be hard to work out what is constructive criticism that I would do well to take on board, and what is just one person's opinion that doesn't reflect what the rest of you think.

5. And finally. Chernobyl! OH MY GODDD who watched that? I have been in a near constant worry about radiation poisoning teamed with and insatiable need to know MORE AND MORE about it all. If you haven't watched it, I thoroughly recommend, but do proceed with caution because it is incredibly dark and hard to watch in places. 

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