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I haven’t been posting as regularly on here over the past few months. It hasn’t been a conscious decision, and I’ve still been shooting a lot of content, I just feel pickier and pickier about what I want to share. Some posts I put out and they just don’t feel good enough, and whereas I once managed to work to a quality and quantity I was happy with, I want to keep pushing myself with the quality aspects, which means the quantity just can’t keep up. 


I don’t want a schedule to leave here for good. Which is why for now I am planning on sharing one post every week, which will be bigger than usual and incorporating lots of different mediums and content; film photography, music, videos, drawing, collaging. Sometimes there may be more a week, but this shall be my goal to make sure there is always one here to really get our teeth into. Not all of those things in every post, but just a mix and an attempt to be more conscious of what each post needs to convey the story I want to tell. 


I still love the immediacy of blogging. That sometimes you can just really want to talk about one topic, share something you’ve seen online that you love, draw attention to one specific photo. But increasingly, with Instagram becoming more and more demanding in so many ways, that sort of content seems to flourish there. The constant battle to not totally repeat content across all channels is one I feel like I am always fighting against. I share so many photos on my stories every week that I love and could easily make a blog post out of, but does the repetition seem lazy and boring? Equally, I talk about my weeks through my vlogs, so some sort of diary entry would be redundant on here? 


The bar is always being raised with content, which I love. Even in the past year, I feel my peers and I have come so far and become more and more refined. I think most of this happens quite organically and is only noticed on reflection, and this is one of those moments. I go through waves of wanting my content to be more immediate, as candid as possible, have a blog that is a mood board updated as much as I can manage. And other times where I need to step back, focus on quality, think about my photography more. The really, really fortunate thing is that I can indulge in either of these whims. For that I will always be grateful! 


As always, your feedback is so valuable. I would love to know what you like to see. Are outfit posts just a little dull now that you see them on Instagram everyday, and I review all the clothes on YouTube? Is the travel content too samey, too driven by aesthetics and not reviews? Please do let me know in the comments!!


In the meantime, here is a host of photos from the past fortnight in London. Most of them are taken by Isaac, in my home or around east london. There are more comments on the photos as you scroll 👋🏻


5 Songs I have been listening to: 


I loved this outfit so much that I shot with Isaac. These Fillipa K trousers are just so brilliant and I love them more and more with every wear. They are the perfect fit and length. I have been wearing them so much with trainers, brogues, sandals while I was on holiday last week. Wearing them here with my Uniqlo U men's t-shirt, my Prada belt and some Muji socks. 


got to work with Max Mara on an Instagram post which was a hugely exciting moment! A brand I have admired for so long, very much through my Mum's influence who would always love their trousers for work, and swoon over the gorgeous coats. Now I am the proud owner of one of their trench coats, and this amazing bag to match. Styled with my Tod's boots and Weekday Seattle jeans. 

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