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Sharing some photos I took at home the other morning with some recent notes alongside that too. And a quote I saw online and really loved too. Creativity is a little stifled for me at the moment, and I am struggling to envision what I want my content to be at the moment. I know I have to slow down a little bit with blog posts so that I can step back and work out what I want to create. I feel like it's so easy to fall into a rut of taking the same photos over and over again, sharing for the sake of sharing. And while I do think it's important to push yourself to produce a certain amount of content, sometimes you do have to allow yourself a little space to work out what that content might be. 

At the moment, I will be sharing one/two blog posts a week. I want them to have a lot more elements to them, but in time I might manage to do more than that each week. I want to share outfits is always, but always with so much more in there too. To share my travels (when I start travelling again, I am very much London based at the moment which I do love), my weekends, my home - I am just not quite sure how to do in a way that feels a little different and fresher, as I am tired of the same content all the time at the moment. So, in a nutshell, please bare with me while I work all of this out. 


I am wearing: 

Jeans from Everlane, part of the current Testing Basics. Long sleeved t-shirt from & Other Stories, and knit from them too (both are gifted). Jewellery from Mejuri who I am working with on some Instagram content with them and the pieces they have sent my are gorgeous! This necklace in particular. 

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