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Hey guys, I hope you're all having an amazing bank holiday. I spent the weekend in Brighton for Liv's hen do, which was so much fun. But right now I am sat at home, waiting for a Deliveroo I ordered from Nando's to arrive (any second now, please god). I am in work mode, maybe we are conditioned to be in work mode on a Monday, because I cannot shake this. So I am embracing it. I have been editing, filming, scanning, and all other manner of things all afternoon. And I have ended up with enough content I love to pull together a blog post, which I thought would be an amazing time to catch up with you all too! 

I wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for your amazing feedback on the new blog design. I am so inspired by it and I have so many more ideas of what I could do with all the freedom of this. Lots of you have said how you are missing the archive, and I am working on it! My current plan is to create a new domain which will house all the old content. It'll take a lifetime to move everything over manually, so this is the perfect way to keep all the content there for you all. Soon there will be a little 'archive' tab and it will take you to a site that looks like this, but with all the posts I have ever shared on there (and a search feature) so you can browse through all the Shot From The Street history... but please don't go too far back! 

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Also big thank you for all the feedback on the furniture decision making post. I am still no closer to deciding - so many of you loved the swan chair and I really do too, I am just undecided on if I should wait until I know how much longer I will be in my current apartment?? I have a mirror coming this week that I ordered weeks ago, so I think when that is in there I will re-evaluate if the swan chair would work well in front/next to it. I shall keep you all updated! 

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As a final note, I wanted to share a quote that's been in my head all day. Jigsaw sent me a book called 'Comfort Zones', which is compiled of short stories from female writers on different topics. The first one is written by Elizabeth Day, and the following paragraph really struck a chord with me:

"Success isn't what the movies make it out to be. It's not a glorious montage of uncorked Champagne and dollar bills thrown into the air and scattered like confetti. It's not limousines or red carpets or famous friends or an aeroplane seat that reclines all the way back. True success is how you feel. It's looking yourself in the eye and knowing you're the person you want to be. It's about honouring that authenticity and being empowered by it. It's about knowing what has real value to you, as opposed to what other people think"

don't know why this resonated with me so much, maybe it's being in an industry where the word 'authentic' is thrown around far too often, and the importance of it not being fully understood. It also made me think a lot about even being able to recognise who it is you want to be, but this is probably a whole other blog post (and existential crisis) in itself. 

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