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Personal style recently. 


2020 has brought up so many things for us all. I could honestly sit and think about how profound this year has been for so many people, in so many ways. But for today, I wanted to focus on the less profound; how it has changed my personal style. 


In so many ways we could roll our eyes at a topic like this, but I am not ashamed to say how important it is to me. And I have been in a looooonnggg phase of not knowing how to get dressed in a morning, and it does have an effect on my mood. It made me realise how much I did dress for whatever I had going on day to day. Because my outfits always feel causal, I never really thought that was a thing for me, but having a new found monotony in life has made me see how much your dairy can subtly change your sartorial choices. For instance; a day off and on the tube around London, wear trainers. A day going to and from in an Uber, wear more uncomfortable brogues or a low heel. A day of meetings, wear a blazer. A day around East London, always a more laid back and scruffy vibe. I am focusing on my London life here, nevermind the differences travel made to how I would dress. Since March, the following changes in my life have had an impact on how I am dressing: 

  • If I am going out, it’s mostly for a long walk, so comfy shoes are all I wear. To the point that any stiff shoe I own needs breaking in again. 

  • I am never out for a whole day where I have to think about having a jacket/jumper to hand. Due to spending so much time near my home, I just nip out in whatever I want, and come back home and change if I am too hot/too cold. It means I keep getting dressed and re-dressed several times in the day. 

  • The idea of wearing anything smart is a million miles away right now. I wore a blazer the other day and felt as though I was more or less in black tie. 

  • I spend so much time trying to decide what to wear and then end up in more or less the same thing every single day - or just a slight variation of the theme. 


I think going back to Mum’s for two months at the beginning of lockdown, and taking back so few clothes, really set the tone for how I am continued to dress throughout the Summer. The same few pieces, because I have just become so unsure of what else I could possibly style?! I also think due to heightened anxiety, and all the other painful aspects to our mental health we have all felt this year, going back to familiar things is more comforting than ever, and wearing that feels like a failsafe outfit feels more important than ever. 

Have you guys felt the same, please tell me I am not alone in this?

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