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paris moodboard

Photos from Paris, from my Contax and my phone. Linds and I spent four nights there together, and it was so much fun. We visited some amazing showrooms and presentations; Joseph, Khaite, Magda Butrym, Mulberry. Ate at some amazing restaurants, Bambou, Malro, Carbon. Drank too much wine, and fair few cocktails. Wore outfits we loved and comprised of items we had in our wardrobes already, no specific fashion week shopping allowed! We slept in a circle bed which was actually one of the best beds I have slept in, didn't have a shower in our room but you can't win them all. We got rained on a fair bit, spent too much time in a car and not enough time walking. We saw friends, met new people, laughed until our sides hurt and put the world to rights. 

Enjoy these photos, they capture the mood of the trip perfectly. Keep scrolling for links of the outfits I wore. 

I wore a handful of items almost everyday. My Proenzer shoes that I have finally worn in and can easily walk in all day now. My new Toteme jacket that is very warm so I am making the most of it before things get warmer. I wore some new jeans from Levi's that I will talk more about in a post tomorrow. But here is a little outfit breakdown: 


My outfit for the first evening. A.P.C Jeans, Dior Boots, Toteme knit with a Tory Burch one underneath, and my Prada belt. 


Day two I wore my AMI trousers, Proenzer shoes, Toteme knit and a GAP shirt underneath


Day 3; my old and still very beloved Chloe trousers, Proenzer shoes again, a knit from Everlane and my Arket Blazer. 


This is such a go to for me on an evening! My amazing Jimmy Choo boots, a coat from Toteme, and the Reformation silk skirt underneath with a black knit. 

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