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Last week I spent one night just outside of Bologna in a place called Rimini with Sergio Rossi. It was a whirlwind trip, but always such a pleasure to be in Italy. I have been to Italy many times before to visit my uncle in the south but, apart from a couple of visits to Rome, I have never seen much more of the country. The reason for this being the destination was to visit the Sergio Rossi factory and it was so interesting to see what goes into making the shoes, we even got to make some ourselves which I can’t wait to show you. We stayed at the Grand Hotel Rimini which was like a Wes Anderson dream and I went wild with my film camera along the way.

Aside from making our own shoes we were also all gifted a pair, I got these insane sparkly heels which I will hand on my heart say I would never have chosen for myself but I LOVE them! I have (somehow) found occasion to wear them three times in the past week now. Not only do they look amazing but they are, and this is coming from someone who resembles Bambi on ice when walking in heels, very easy to walk in and as comfy as a shoe that looks like this could be. They’re the 105mm heel height, and my new go-to party shoe and a good enough to reason to try and find more parties to go to.

Huge thank you to Sergio Rossi for such an amazing trip, I vlogged the experience too which you can watch here!

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