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About two and a half years ago I stumbled across my Celine loafers in Liberty's and bought them right away. I had never impulse bought something so expensive before, and I have never ever regretted it. They are the best piece in my wardrobe, I have worn them so much they have been re-soled twice, and I will never ever part ways with them. Since buying them, the hunt for a black pair that can live up to them has been ongoing. I bought my men's Gucci loafers about 18 months ago which I do love a lot (especially with socks), but the shape has never quite compared with the Celine ones - that manage to be both flatteringly chic and masculine at the same time. I was gifted a pair from Joseph via The Outnet which have a similar shape to the Celine ones, but are much rounder in the toe making them not feel quite like a loafer. Both pairs I love and have worn/will wear going forward, but they have just been knocked off a pedestal. Welcome, these beauties from Khaite. Not without a similarly eye-watering price tag as the Celine ones, but for sure something I am confident in spending so much money on as I know how much wear I get out of a shoe like this one. They are a gorgeous black suede, the same slightly rounded toe as the Celine's, while being slim in the foot but still somewhat masculine. I have worn them twice, and so far they are very comfy too. They come in tan too, but as my Celine pair are still going strong, the black ones were the ones for me. They fit true to size, and in my eyes are totally perfect. 

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