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Hey guys. Sorry for the un anticipated radio silence, I will explain what's been going on soon. But for now, it's time to talk about boots. Sticking to the new mantra of sharing every new item in my wardrobe with you guys and explaining how and why I acquired that item, let us introduce... these Jimmy Choo boots. The brand reached out to me many months ago asking if I wanted to choose anything from the lookbook. I said YESSS PLEASE I would like to, and chose these boots for one reason and one reason only; Buffy would wear them. They are even better than I imagined. I am a bit confused about what length they're meant to be because they come right up to the back of my knees, and I am very long legged, which makes me wonder if they would sit in an uncomfortable and restrictive mid-knee height on shorter legs? Anyway, jury is out on that one. I opted for the brown pair (although I am thinking maybe the black might have been a more versatile choice?!), and decided to put on a little solo fashion show at home with my Sezane LBD that gave the whole look a very 70s vibe. 

So far I have only walked from my bedroom to my living room in these. But the heel height is very manageable and I didn't fall and break my neck on that short journey, which is an optimistic start. I felt very chic in them and cannot wait to make a longer journey in them that actually takes me outside of the house. 

How will I style them? This I am unsure on. I often feel like there is short window for boots like this because I prefer to wear them with bare legs. I would wear them for a night out (which I never go on) during the winter. But in terms of the actives I actually do, I am not sure how much wear I will get from them. They aren't a day-to-day piece for me, so for now I am going to wear them with skirts and knits whenever I can, and throughout winter try to master styling them with skinny jeans and jackets in a way doesn't make me feel like I am on my way to riding school. I think we can all agree this is the perfect excuse to watch some season one Buffy The Vampire Slayer to get some 90s styling inspiration from the queen of a knee high boots. In the meantime, I will be practicing running down my corridor in them, a lá Buffy Summers. 


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