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I now have an office!!! I can’t tell you how life changing this is for me. I know that sounds very dramatic but please bare with me here. Working at home is an amazing privilege, but it can mean you quickly loose any split between your work and life balance. Which is something I really felt the effects of in my old flat - where I worked and lived all in one room. It means your work is always in the corner of your eye, even when you’re trying not to work. The main reason I moved was to find somewhere with two bedrooms so I could have a separate room for an office, and honestly it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. To be able to shut my work away at the end of the day, or not even go near it at all on a weekend, has made me so much more efficient and productive. So I turned the little space in the back of my flat into my dream office. I moved the silver chest that was once a TV stand in here, it’s now full to the brim with film photos. On there I have my old bedside table lamp, some prints, and Angel figurine, a White Company candle and some matches to light it with. I hung my Tropea print in here which I love so much, bought in the plant which is still limping along despite how neglected it is by me! My desk was gifted to me from La Redoute, I built it myself which I am quite proud of as it was far from simple. I loveeee how it looks so much. The desk chair is my dad’s old desk chair, it’s a little low but I am sitting on several cushions right now to make it work!! All in all, I am obsessed. The desk is already full of papers and mess, because I work in mess always, but it’s amazing to be able to shut that away at the end of the day!

DESK: c/o LA REDOUTE (Currently on sale)


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