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On Monday I had the entire day to myself and it was pure bliss. I needed a day like that so badly to reset my head and feel like I had my life back in order. I read my book, went for a walk, did a big shop at the Supermarket, cooked my own dinner (unheard of for me), sorted things at home. It got me thinking about how important the little things are, something I think we are all aware of too. And I wanted to share my little list, of the little things, as a little guide to how I make myself feel more centred when things get too hectic:

1. Washing my face - no matter what, no matter how tired, how drunk... I always wash my face. Normally right before bed, and it has come to really signify the end of the day and the time to get into bed and slow start switching off my head. 


2. Play a game - Spyro, to be specific. Nothing makes you switch off like a game. It's full concentration mode for me. If I watch a film, I still find myself picking up my phone, but a game absorbs me completely. I love old ones I used to play as a child like Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. 

3. Getting my nails done. Every two weeks I go to get my nails done, often with Linds too. During the Summer months I always have a clear polish manicure. At first it felt like the most OTT thing in the world, paying to just have a clear polish on. But it's become such a routine for me that I love and makes me feel SO much more put to together. It's definitely is a pretty fancy thing to do, and by no means an essentia. but there is something about it I love so much. In fact, it's on my schedule today and I can't bloody wait


4. My coffee in a morning. I think this is a common one for peopleSometimes I literally feel a buzz of excitement before I go to bed knowing that soon I can haven my coffee! Nothing it ever better than the first one in the day. I have recently become obsessed (and that is not an understatement) with oat milk. it's made the morning coffee even more amazing.

5. Ribbon. Ok this is a BIG moment of me sharing something I love dearly - ribbon. Since I was little I have always twiddled ribbon. It's the most soothing thing in the world to me. I have favourite types of ribbon, and Ben is always finding new bits of ribbon for me. Some of the best ribbon comes on Net-A-Porter bags when you order online with premier delivery - this is how specific the ribbon obsession is. Oddly, twiddling is one of those things I know is common(ish, or at least this is what I am telling myself), so if any of you also have any odd habits like this, please do share them! 


6. Buffy and Angel. We all know I am obsessed. Someone messaged me the suggestion of doing a styling video on how the characters dressed, and while I think about 10 people will be interested in watching that, I might have to indulge myself. I have always loved rewatching things. Due to the aforementioned inability to focus on watching things, I love to rewatch series. And these two are my ultimate favourite. I have probably seen every episode of Buffy around 10 times each (I need to get a life), but Angel maybe only 3 or 4 (lets pretend thats more normal). So I am currently re working my way through Angel - writing this with Cordelia's brilliant one liners playing in the background

SO, these are some of my little things - what are yours? I also filled a self care day video which you can watch here. 

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