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Styling up the new Levi’s Ribcage jeans today. They gifted me this black pair, and this pair here, a few weeks ago. I think they have nailed the fit throughout the bum/hips/waist - they are so so flattering. They are a little short on me and they don’t do varied leg lengths just yet, so I would say if you are around 5”6 they will be the perfect length on you, so I recommend them even more for you guys!! 

I am writing this post on the plane home from Amsterdam - honestly this flight is always delayed and I seem to always spend two hours on a plane that is “only 45 mins!!” Anyway, it’s all worth it and I will have lots of photos to share from the weekend soon (Snappy Snaps is the first thing on my agenda for when I get home). Mum is also coming down to London today, which I am so excited about - and I also have a solid week in London now which will be very lovely. BUT, when I do leave again next week, it’ll be to somewhere I am so excited to visit again after almost two year having passed since I was last there; New York!! YAY! I can’t tell you all how excited I am about it! I am in such a good flow with my content at the moment, and while I am longing for more than a week in one place, this travel is definitely what is keeping my content going in a way I am really happy with. I am loving this mix between stying posts like this one (going to talk through these outfits once I have finished this ramble, and the lifestyle ones documenting all these amazing memories).

ANYWAY - how I styled the Jeans. One is so simple it can’t even be called styling - my beloved Church’s brogues which I adore so much and I think will be one of my best purchases of the past year. Similarly, my vintage Chanel belt, I honestly wear this every single day and really see the value in having invested in one, the Topshop one I always used to wear starting looking so tired so quickly. And my Uniqlo white t-shirt from Testing Basics, that I will very much recommend. Secondly, some simple layering. These feet killing shoes are still very much murderous to wear, but I shall persevere!! Thankfully they look good enough to feel worth it, but it does mean I am a little off recommending them to you all if I am honest. This shirt is old from American Vintage, and the blazer from Arket. Someone messaged me the other day asking if I recommended the Everlane or Arket blazer more which was a very tricky question! I think this one is smarter (the Everlane is cotton/linen mix so does crease a bit), but I think the Everlane one has a slightly better cut to it. Either way, they are both really great and from brands I love with increasing intensity!!



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