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I made a very last minute decision to head to Marrakech for the weekend! Mum was there with some friends and I didn't have much going on over the weekend, so it seemed daft not go and spend it there with her. So off I went, and I am so glad I did. I have been once before (also in January, I would love to go when it's actually a lot warmer too) and worked on this post with Refinery 29 which has all my recommendations in. It's an incredible place to visit, personally I don't think you need too long there (especially if you're staying the Medina) as it's super super full on. I shot some photos mostly on my Mamiya and some on my Contax - but the Mamiya is continuing to blow me away! I wore some outfits I really liked too which I am going to mostly share in a different post this week. 

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