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Recently I have been thinking a lot about the feeling of making the most of something; mostly the opportunities in my life right now. It’s an odd feeling because, for me, it’s based on trying to imagine what my future self will feel when looking back on this part of my life. And just as I don’t think living in the past is a good idea, living in the future seems equally problematic. There is a huge motivation that comes from that thought process, I suppose setting goals in life is motivated by a concern for the future. And while it does give us drive and focus, the balance is more about how to do that while being grateful for what is happening right now, and not making this an anxiety inducing experience of worrying that you aren’t making the right decisions. For me, I am not worried I am not making the right decisions, it’s more down to feeling a sense of disbelief sometimes that I have the opportunities in front of me that I do. The endless travelling, the flexibility, the genuine fulfilment and happiness my job gives me, I am unsure of what more I could ask for. And here is where that aforementioned balance comes in, I don’t ever want to let this pass me by, I want to make the most of every moment I can. But, I still want to drive for more, and imagine a future in front of me that I can keep working towards. It's simultaneously planning for a future, while making sure that the future isn't one where I look back and feel I didn’t make the most of where I am right now. Don’t get me wrong, what an incredible problem (if we can even call it that) this is to have, but I was hoping this was something you all might relate to on a larger scale of just going through your 20s.




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