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Hello all! Here I am am showcasing a determination to wear summer clothes, no matter what the weather is up to. The item of clothing in question are these linen shorts. I am a picky one when it comes to shorts; nothing too short or too tight, nothing too low rise, nothing too flowly in fabric so they look too much like PJs. I love ones that sit mid thigh, are tight on the waist so they're flattering over the bum and hips, and are a thick enough fabric to hold their own shape. These Asceno ones really are ticking all the boxes in a big way! The brand very kindly sent them to me and I was planning on waiting until my holiday to wear them, but just couldn't resist them sooner! I tucked them into my favourite knit that I am VERY sad to report is no longer with us after I accidentally put it in the wash last night on the wrong setting and shrunk it. I am SO ANNOYED about it!!! I bloody loved this jumper. Thankfully it was just the other day that I was trying to find a link of something similar for you guys, and so I will be ordering this one to replace it, although the split sides will make it a little bit different to style. Honestly, I am a calamity Jane at times, but normally manage to wash my knitwear accident free! At least we have these lovely photos to commemorate the knit and how great it can look with linen shorts. 

I accessorised it with three of my favourite accessories; my vintage Chanel belt, vintage Dior bag (both gifted from Vestiaire), and my Church's brogues. While I am not best pleased with this weather, I am wearing the brogues as much as possible while the weather does permit, because I know how much I will miss them even during the two weeks I am away! The finished look was reminiscent of something a 12 year old boy might wear to school, but I loved this outfit so much. Just the right amount of chic mixed with dorkiness! 

SHORT: ASCENO (gift) | KNIT: & OTHER STORIES (r.i.p. this is my alternative) | SHOES: CHURCH'S 


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