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I think a big reason I am a fan of a winter wardrobe is all the layering options. For some reason so far this Winter I have been holding off on the big coats for as long as possible, maybe it’s the subconscious realisation that we will be in big coats for the next few months so I am just trying to hold off the inevitable a little longer. So I have been layering down, it means tank tops under thermals under t-shirts under knitwear until you have so many layers on you can't properly place your arms by your side and walk around like you have very large biceps. Joking(ish), but today I wanted to share some recent layers I have been very into.

The Toteme leggings, can I recommend these anymore? I have been wearing them SO much, even more than I anticipated I would when I bought them. They wash so so well, don’t give at all over the knees or anything, and are just so damn comfy I never want to take them off. They are also pretty warm, but could be worn underneath jeans if you live somewhere even colder than London. Tucked into that we have my Shop Redone turtleneck. They sent me this and while I do recommend it, it mostly just made me realise how much a body turtleneck was a wardrobe essential, but it doesn’t need to carry this price tag. Despite the eternal faff of going for a wee in a leotard, this is well worth it for the skinny fit and how seamless it looks when tucked into something. For obvious reasons that skinny fit makes this perfect to layer under more knitwear too, but it is surprisingly warm on it’s own.

On top of that I have the weekday jacket from Testing Basics which I still LOVE so much!! The fit of this is amazing it’s wool mix makes it pretty warm too - plus the large fit helps with the aforementioned giant bicep issues, hence me slipping a cardigan underneath there too. The snotty seaweed green colour is also very flattering despite being sort of hideous. On the feet I have some new boots sent to me from Sandro which are AMAZING! I am into a knee high boot due to a certain slayer of vampires, and these are a perfect heel height for stoping around London all day/dancing all night/chasing vampires (tick which one is more applicable to your day to day activities). I love the slouchiness of them too and how the boot sits away from the leg a little, definitely a flattering touch.



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