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This post is sponsored by Everlane. 

Everlane needs no introduction on here now. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love the brand. They have done so much in terms of setting a standard for sustainability that doesn’t cost an absolute fortune. Their pieces last well, wash well, fit well, and generally fit into everyone’s wardrobe so well. They are a brand I am also so very proud to get to work with. This time it’s to promote their new leather jacket! If any of you loved my Toteme one, this would be an amazing alternative to that one! It’s the perfect minimal jacket - something so classic and easy to wear, and also coming in at a very reasonable price point. It’s also, in true Everlane style, made totally traceably. From tannery to factory, Everlane are open about the supply chain of their first leather jacket, meaning it aligns itself with the ethics of the brand. We all know how versatile a leather jacket is, to be worn with your casual looks (like this one), over your shoulders for an evening out, with you summer dresses on those cooler evenings, it’s a wardrobe essential and it’s more a question of finding the right one! This one ticks all boxes for me. It’s super soft, so classic in it’s style, and just totally timeless. 


Here I am wearing it with some of their straight leg jeans which I am currently testing for Testing Basics, and a jumper I bought from them last week which I LOVE and highly recommend to you all. It’s basically a high neck version of this one that I have worn to death over the past year, with the most perfect skinny neck that doesn’t come up too high, or sit too low. I LOVE it!! 



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