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As promised, here is a blog post about the new lamp. I thankfully had very little to buy when I moved - just a second bed and a check of drawers, which were the only essentials that cropped up due to having a second bedroom I actually am using as a bedroom this time., It made me feel quite pleased with myself about the pieces I have chosen over the past two years and how easily they have moved from place to place with me. 


The only non-essential thing I have bought has been a new lamp, which I wanted to go on top of the aforementioned chest of drawers. I initially had my heart set on an Akari lamp (despite the hefty price tag they come with), but wasn’t in a huge rush to order one. Then a week ago I was in Arch 389 just by London Fields when I saw this beauty!! It was actually part of a full set complete with pendant light too, and I cruelly have abducted it from it’s family and smuggled it into my home. These mushroom style lamps always look go great, and what I love about this one is that it is so tall too. I sort of think it looks more like a jellyfish (especially when lit) and someone also messaged me to say it looks like a bell end. I haven’t quite looked at it the same way since, but thankfully I still love it. 


Foolishly, I didnt’ ask about it’s origins when I bought it!! I have done some research online and the style is reminiscent of Vetri Murano, but I can't see a sticker anyone one mine that confirms that, and the pattern of the swirls is slightly different. It’s definitely Murano glass and has three lighting setting - just the bottom, the top, and all of it in all it’s mushroom/jellyfish/penis glory. I am kicking myself for not asking more questions when I bought it! 


It feels like a slightly different style to some of the other pieces in my home, which I love. I don’t want the places I live to feel like a particular style, rather a collection of lots of interesting things tied together by nothing other than my own personal taste and aesthetic. 


I promise to show more corners of my home soon! I am so happy there already! 

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