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One of the most requested pieces of content from me is a jewellery collection. And ask and ye shall receive (as they say), so here we go. I have put together a little collection of all my most work, day to day items. They are all gold which is my favourite metal, but I have no issue with mixing metals - so if you have a silver collection, then don't feel like you can't add in some gold there too! For me, the only silver item is always my watch. My day to day watch is my Dad's old Tag Heuer, it's a mans Carrera so is hugeeee but I wear it everyday. It recently had to go be serviced which, by some miracle, coincided with Tag reaching out to me to work together and gifting me this women's watch here. I love this one too and have been wearing it on the odd day, but my Dad's one always take precedent due to the sentimentality


The bracelet I have been wearing everyday is this Monica Vinader one that the brand gifted me as part of a collaboration we did on Instagram. I have been wearing it everyday for the past two months, and love how it looks with my silver watch in particular

The three rings I wear everyday; the black signet is my Uncle Luigi's signet. Its made from blood stone, so is actually more like a very very dark green up close. I love it so much, and it actually has the remnants of wax in it from all the years it was used for its purpose! 

The diamond ring is also from Luigi, this has been in his family for years and years. It had been so well worn that the band had almost worn through, so for my 25th birthday my Mum had it re-banded so I can wear it! I love it, I love how vintage it looks and it's unlike any ring I have seen before! 

The emerald ring was a gift from Ben as part of a collaboration he had on Instagram. It's from a brand called Fenton & Co, we designed it together and I love it. Emerald is definitely one of my favourite stones, the colour looks so different in so many different lights and I feel like it really adds some glamour to the most simple outfits. 

For earrings, I recently had to take a few out in my cartlidge because they would not heal!! So I eventually gave up and took two of them out. Which has left me with one ear with three piercings, and one with four earrings. All the small hoops are either from Maria Tash or Sacred Gold. The chain earring is from the Roxanne First x Ropes of Holland collection, and this little selection are the ones I wear every day and never take out. Its' just the first holes in my lobes that get changed up most days! 


So that bottom piercing in my ear is mostly reserved for a rotation of gold hoops, with one exception. The Hernan Herdez gold drip earrings (I made up that name, but they do sort of look like they drip down from inside your ears). I think these won't be for everyone but I personally think they look super cool and interesting. 

Aside from those, I have three favourite hoops; these small gold ones from Aurate which are my current everyday ones; these Fedoma hoopwith a little bit of texture on them, and these plain Monica Vinader hoops. 

As for necklaces; the two I have been wearing daily are my Roxanne First x Ropes of Holland one with the diamonds on, and this fine gold chain from Missoma. I also love to add in these two chains from Pernille Croyden, which I wear mostly when I am wearing a plain top/knit with a crew neck (which is most days!) 

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