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Now, I don’t want to blow my own trumpet too much, but through years of essentially being quite sartorially lazy, I am a pro when it comes to jeans and a t-shirt. And there are some nuances to such an outfit that I would love to share with you all; 


  1. Choose your fit. My preferences are a boxy, heavy cotton t-shirt, with jeans that are very tight on the waist and looser through the legs. Its the most flattering silhouette for my body type, because it gives me curves where I have none (on my waist), while a high waisted denim also leg lengthens! These jeans are the Weekday Lash. I have had them for a while and only worn them a handful of times because they are VERY tight on the waist. The shape of the denim means its a really pain in the arse to get them up over said arse, but once they’re there they look fab (I also got the smallest waist size I could get away with, so that they would have this fit). Then a little wider, almost ballooned in shape, though the leg - it keeps that loose fit style we all love, while remaining as flattering as possible. 

  2. Details of a t-shirt. For me, the shape of the sleeves and the neckline make or break a t-shirt. I love Uniqlo above all else (the mens ones in particular, these ones linked here are the best I have ever found), and also Arket for a slightly softer but still very thick cotton. There is a time and a place for a softer cotton t-shirt (where I recommend this Arket one, this Selected Femme one and this COS one), but for this specific look, something with more structure is key! Bonus points to this one for having the breast pocket, but that really is an added bonus! 

  3. Accessories. Add a belt, this is something I do every time without fail. This vintage Chanel belt is one of the best ones I have ever owned. I wear it almost everyday, and while it’s so minimal, it has the perfect amount of extra details through the croc embossments and the subtle Chanel logo on the buckle. I love it, and would recommending spending a little more on a belt as this has lasted so much longer than any other high street one I have had in the past. Also, gold jewellery! From gold hoops in as many piercings you have in your ears, to some gold chain necklaces. My everyday ones have been my Roxanne First x Ropes of Holland collection (always), and then this very fine chain from Missoma which I love, and this slightly heavier one. They look great peeking out from your neckline, and still feel so effortless. 

  4. Shoes change it all. I often dress from the bottom up, due to how much a pair of shoes and effect the whole vibe of a look. Had I gone with some white trainers for this, it would have felt so much more casual. My converse high tops would have made it feel more mod inspired. My brogues, way more masculine (I would love them with this look). Slip on Manolos, suddenly a lot more French chic, and a more luxury vibe. I went with my Tods loafers because I felt they spanned almost all those categories;  they are still casual, a little bit masculine, and such a classic design they always feel chic! 


So, I hope you have found this helpful. I have linked lots of my favourite jeans and t-shirt here too so you can browse, with some little tips about what I think the fit of each is like! 


Weekday Seattle - easier to wear than the Lash, they are straighter in the leg and not so stiff. 

Weekday Voyage - closest fit to Levi’s 501s I have found on the highstreet. They are very straight legged, slightly lower rise than the others. Less flattering on the bum than the Seattle ones. 

Toteme - these are my favourite skinny(ish) jeans. I have them in the washed black and have worn them so much, and would love them in a mid blue too as they are the best fitting jeans ever. So flattering over the bum and waist especially. Sometimes harder to tuck things into, as the layers of fabric feel bumpy underneath the denim.

& Other Stories - they have finally brought out some jeans in a longer leg length!! They are so flattering and the perfect length for taller girls. Really great fit over the bum and waist too. 


COS Cotton T-Shirts: I feel like & Other Stories and COS both do identical white t-shirts, but COS is a little cheaper, so gets my recommendation. 

Arket: do this amazing thick cotton one, but their lightweight ones are also fab. Again, it’s a bit of 6 and two 3s between this and the COS one, they are all very similar in fit and qualty. 

Uniqlo Mens: I wear a size small. The Uniqlo U ones are the best t-shirts I have ever owned, they wash brilliantly too. 

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