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This post is sponsored by Stella McCartney 

Let’s talk practical bags; the bottom line is, we all need them. Those teeny-tiny cross body bags that couldn’t fit more than a credit card in them have never been my bag (literally). I am far more interested in something a) cross body so I can live a hands free life/annoy the people on the streets of London by texting and walking. Or b) allow me take out everything I own, kitchen sink included. This Stella McCartney bag falls into the latter of those categories; for the days when maybe I will need my laptop, might decide that today is the day I finally pick up a book so need to pack some options, when one film camera will not suffice, or just when you amaze yourself by how much stuff any handbag can accumulate. This is the bag to do all that with and stylishly too. It’s got a really light monogram through it, subtle enough to not make this obviously branded, but noticeable enough for this to feel more fancy than your average tote bag. Of course another great thing about a bag like this, is not just that it’s practical in terms of you packing for every possible eventuality in a day, but it also works well with everything in your wardrobe. And I mean everything. With you gym gear, check. With your workwear, check. With you dad-inspired Levi 501s, check. All bases are covered here!! 


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