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There is a certain photo on Instagram which I see as being somewhat responsible for a slight shift in my style over the past few months; this one here. I don’t know if it is just me who has noticed this, but I feel like my style has shifted to something more androgynous recently. And also more normcore than ever before. I have lived in loafers, brogues, manly boots, belts with gold buckles, cashmere crew neck jumpers (almost every single day with these ones). It’s the most I have ever felt like my style has become uniform like, and I have really enjoyed having such a strong sense of what I love and what I want to wear every single day. I am itching for new now, which always comes with this time of year so that’s no surprise, but this love for really androgynous looks will definitely slip into my Spring Summer wardrobe now (I am thinking baggy linen shorts, white t-shirts, and lots of huge shirts).

Noticing these small nuances on how my style changes is definitely a luxury of documenting all my outfits. The fact I could pin point a specific outfit I felt so good in that it started a new aspect of my style which has been significant to me, even if it’s been so subtle to all of you! Also, isn’t it funny how you always want what you don't have? I spent about 30 mins looking at heels last night on Matches because I was missing having girly moments, but I think I am going to keep having those in any opportunities to dress up, where it’s always fun to be a little sexy!


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