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WHO REMEMBERS many many moons ago when I wrote a blog post about having ordered some lamps?? Several lightyears later, they have arrived, and are mercifully very much worth the wait. I ordered them from the Conran shop, and as they had to be made in Italy they were always going to take a while, but a whole 12 weeks later I can only assume they have also been delivered to me on foot. I am OBSESSED though, and finally my La Redoute plinths have some purpose in the room. I had initially thought they would make we want to move the sofa into the middle of the room, facing the sofa, flanked by the two lamps. But, firstly the cords would run across the room to the plugs, and I also think they fill the space in a way I wasn’t expecting when in front of the sofa. They are the perfect height, and the big shades make them feel like a new focus in the room. They each have three bulbs in them and have allowed me to discover that the two different plug sockets provide a different level of power, so I have been trying different combination of bulb wattage to try and balance this out, and subsequently have almost cleared out Notting Hill of all lightbulbs and can consider setting up my own lighting shop in the near future. Will keep you all updated on this venture.

LAMPS: Antoni de Moragas Gallissà for Santa & Cole

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