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Hey guys! SO, as part of the news ways I want to curb my shopping habits and share things with you, I also wanted to become more open about the thought process of what I want in my wardrobe. And to discuss why I might buy something new, and also make myself wait before making a decision too!

This week I wore my Chloe cropped jacket for the first time in a while. I was sent it from The Outnet this time last year, and it's one of the best pieces in my wardrobe. I love the cropped length so much, and it's always been a great alternative to a blazer too. So, with that in mind, I would love another cropped jacket that isn't quite so bold with the print and colours of that one - just because whenever I wear something like that a lot, it makes my outfits feels quite samey because the focus piece is always the same. I am definitely erring to something utility styled, and a light cotton fabric so I can wear it now and also start layering some knits up as it gets colder. 


Chloe have gone and done it again with this amazing jacket, but it's wayyy more than I would want to spend. But I wanted to include it because if you were looking to really invest in a piece like that, this one looks gorgeous. The shape of the Chloe one I have is amazing and just looks SO effortless and expensive, and this one seems to have a similar cut. I think it's beautiful! 


The rest I have found online are way more affordable. The front runner for me is this Weekday one - it says its denim, but I love the trench style of it, and that style in denim feels different to anything else I have had before. I am feeling quite picky about the length of this jacket, I want it to be hip length, and I am not sure that this one might be a bit too short - I am definitely going to head into town when I can to try it on.


Arket was the first place I looked for this type of jacket but I think they nail the boxy fit I am after (my black blazer from them is the perfect balance between boxiness and well tailored). They had two online that I liked. First this wool zipped one, my least favourite of the two but looks like a great shape. I would love to wear it with some light wash jeans (these & Other Stories ones), a black t-shirt and my brogues. But, my favourite is this white cotton one. I think this might be a better length and shape to the Weekday one, and would look great with blue denim but also with my washed grey Toteme jeans, a white t-shirt and my Tods. I will also go try this one in store - Arket is a brand that offers monthly gifting too. They are such a joy to work with and I have explained my new outlook towards gifting to them, and said I will just always be in touch whenever I see something I like, rather than spending a voucher each month. 

The final two here, one from Sunspel which is again on the pricier side. I love the look of it but it seems very similar to the navy Arket one, but with a huge price difference between the two. The cream one from & Other Stories is also similar to the Arket cream one - I love & Other Stories for jackets, I think they always do a great job of making ones that sit perfectly between something trend driven, and something classic. I love the pockets on this one and would be interesting in trying this on in real life too. 

I am in town later today and will be trying them all on (except the Chloe and the Sunspel, which are both more than I want to spend), I will vlog the whole thing too so you guys can see how they all look before I make a decision! 

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