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HELLO I NEED YOUR HELP! As many of you know, I am huge fan of Pamono. They are an incredible online vintage homeware shop that has everything you could dream of in one place (not being dramatic). I bought my beloved coffee table from there, which is honestly one of my favourite things I have ever ever bought. 

Pamono reached out to me and have offered me a voucher to spend with this, which needless to say is a dream come true!! But I am totally stumped on what to buy, so I wanted to ask you guys too. They have offered me £2000 to spend (which is huge, I don't own a piece of furniture that costs this much, hence this being such a big decision that I just cannot make). 

My first thought was to buy my dream mirror from Ettore Sottsass. But it costs wayyy more than that voucher price (it's eye watering), and I don't feel in a position to spend that much money at the moment. So I think I am going to have to was it until that dream mirror becomes a reality for another time. I also use ordered a vintage mirror a few weeks ago which I am waiting to arrive, so I will have a mirror soon for my living room. 


For reasons I will share at a later date, I don't want to buy anything too specific to the space I am in. I am still in the market for an amazing rug but don't wan't to buy anything too big that is specific to how much space I have at the moment. So I am thinking more along the lines of these categories: a floor lamp (to go next to the TV at the moment), a new chair (for the corner of the living room), or another mirror for elsewhere in the room. 

I am not too precious about having gold or silver in my home, I would rather have a mix of different metals, but all gorgeous pieces individually! For some reason I have been really drawn to these Art Deco style lamps like this one here, but knowing how much I love the shades I have one my two lamps by the sofa makes me think I should stick along those lines. This slightly leaning one is so gorgeous and I love the colours in it. 

Art Deco Lamp | White Shade Lamp | Curly Stand Lamp | Leaning Lamp

a piece that will be on my Wishlist for all eternity is the Mies Van Der Rohe day bed. I think I would sell my soul for this, for now I have not found a buyer for my soul so cannot afford this, nor do I know where to put it, but one say I will solve all these problems and this will be mine!! 

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 08.46.55.png

While scrolling through the Mies van Der Rohe section I have just experienced love at first sight many times. This Barcelona chair and ottoman set is making me want to throw any thoughts of budgeting out the window, just look at that colour!!! 

I would also like some new dining chairs, and I love these ones, but my concern is that they could be quite big and sit far out from the table?? 

Finally, if I put my budgeting head back on, an ottoman without a chair would be an option??

Another item I have been long obsessed with is the swan chair from Arne Jacobsen. I used to spend hours and hours at my Uncle Luigi's swan chair endlessly spinning around, so they have a level of sentimental value from memories of a child. He has a cream one, but I think I prefer the tan ones. These, like my diamond chairs, are still in production s you can buy new too. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 07.37.46.png


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