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Sharing some photos from a week at home. My travel schedule is about to ramp up so it’s lovely to make the most of being here right now. I managed to go an entire day with my Contax G2 on manual focus, while thinking it was on Auto, therefore not taking the time to manually focus the damn thing. So a tonne of these came out wildly out of focus - including a SUBLIME photo I took of a squirrel, but you will just have to imagine how amazing that could have been. I did a long walk with mum from mine to The Eagle pub in Farringdon (one of my faves, the food is just amazing), and it was a lovely walk through loads of areas I had never ever been to before (even just little streets directly parallel to ones I walk down all the time), and once again felt overwhelmed by the amount of exploring I have yet to do in London. 


I also wore an outfit I loved that comprised of lots of navy blue jumpers - well, two, but that does feel a little excessive for knitwear in one look. My Khaite loafers which I haven’t spoken about too much since I got them as the weather has meant I haven’t had many chances to wear them sadly! My Bottega bag which I still love endlessly, and some brilliant new jeans from Levis; the Column jean, they are so brilliant!! Go one size down as they fit a little large. 

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