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Photos from a heatwave, and my goodness, was it HOT. Amsterdam and London saw their hottest days on record, I managed to catch them both in both cities. Amsterdam was far more bearable with it, we spent the weekend by the water as much as possible. In fact, the whole city had the same idea, and it's amazing to watch a city shift it's mentality around the weather. Just as London becomes a city that lives in the parks, with disposable BBQs and a lot of bad sunburn, Amsterdam became a city by the river banks. Bars and restaurants spill out onto the streets even more, and people spend so much time jumping off the bridges into the water that there is background noise of constant screams and splashes. It was an amazing atmosphere, and we ate at some great spots (Risjel was an amazing French spot we LOVED, and Café Binnenvisser), went to watch the Lion King (I CRIED quite uncontrollably, but it was amazing), and hired a little boat for the day, armed with snacks and Tony's Choccolony which melted in under two minutes. 

I spent the weekend mostly wearing two things; my black mini Reformation dress which is perfect for that sort of heat because you just throw it on and feel effortlessly great! It's come in my suitcase on every trip this summer. And this cami top from Sezane which I have shared with you already. I wore it with my Levi's Ribcage jeans, and also with some loose fitting shorts (from the sale in Fillipa K) for the boat trip. 

But, the focus of this of course has to be the new handbag! I bought this in Heathrow Airport after swooning over them for quite some time. I love the size, the colour, the design that is different to a bag I have but also so classic I will never tire of it. Since having my Celine bag, I haven't worn much other than a bag that sits on your shoulder (after years of being dedicated to a cross body bag!!), and this length of strap is perfect for that styling too. 

The only thing I do not love, is the price tag. I actually can't recommend anyone go out and spend this sum on a handbag. And yet, me and so many other people, continue to do so! WHY Is it? I think all I can do at this stage is hold my hands up and say that for some reason, a designer bag has a hold over me that lulls me into a moment of madness to spend such obscene sums of money. The last bag I bought  (I have been sent many in the meantime) was my Loewe Barcelona over three years ago in Manchester, and I felt the same sick feeling I felt after I bought this one. But that does quickly subside to all the excitement of the new piece, how I can use it everyday, all my vows to really look after this one and not let it get all grubby inside. I love it, I really do, but I had to plead guilty to the fact I am still beholden to the magic of a designer handbag. And this one seems VERY magical indeed. 

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