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This post is sponsored by Gap. 


Super excited to be working with Gap and also VERY thrilled that they wanted to work on a blog post with me. This little blog is my favourite place to share things, and for brands to be willing to work on blog content again (when so much is Instagram focused) is such a joy because it gives me more of a chance to really get my teeth stuck into it all. So big thank you for that! 


Guys I have found the most amazing t-shirts for us all in the Summer. These skinny fitting ribbed ones from Gap are perfect - high necked, tight fitting, not too short in the body. I got one in black and white and you can expect to see me wearing them a lot. They have also been great to wear under jumpers too because of how tight the neckline sits to my chest - the perfect layering piece! I am wearing it here with some of the Barrel jeans. They’re a lovely stiff denim, high waisted, cropped in length with a slight widening through the leg. Super flattering, and like I often say with many jeans, would be the perfect length if you’re a little shorter than me too! Also this brilliant cotton jacket - I love pieces like this for Spring and Summer (they also look great under a blazer for when it’s a little cooler). I went two sizes up so that it would be nice and oversized. I think it would also look great with some suit trousers and some 80s style trainers (maybe New Balance, something along those lines) with white socks. It’s a great alternative to a denim jacket too if you want something light weight but want to side step the Canadian tuxedo. 


I will keep wearing the pieces over the next few weeks and then share more about them all in March’s Monthly Fashion Report. The pieces I got from Gap last year have worn so so well and also been through the wash 1940208 times and come out like new every time - so I have high hopes for all of these, especially the t-shirts which I know I will wear all the time. 


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