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The last of the digital (these are all from my phone because we filled up the memory card with on the camera with video!), over one very rainy day in New York and our last day which was full of sunshine. Tomorrow will be the end of the New York posts with all the film photos we shot too, but I hope you have enjoyed how I have been sharing some things quicker than usual through some digital photos too. I have loved working like this and want to keep creating content like this while I am in London, not just for travelling. It’s funny how a small little change like this can make you feel so much more inspired!

Anyway, there will be all my outfits in the post together tomorrow. But I wore my sleeveless Raey blazer with these statement Maria Black earrings on the rainy day, and a huge linen shirt from Massimo Dutti on the sunshine day with my Frankie Store blazer and Dear Frances slides.

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