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We made it to Friday - what a bloody week, or in fact, what a bloody fortnight! I know I have been so up and down recently, and that a lot of people around me have been too. From coming back from a hectic travel schedule to some conflicting feelings of loneliness while needing alone time (I spoke about this here), to then dealing with the in-between time of August when it comes to work, and generally feeling uninspired and lacking in direction. It's been a funny old week or two, where small inconveniences have felt like huge mountains to climb, and no amount of sleep can cure the fatigue. As I said, I know I am not the only one feeling this, and I bet so many of you reading this are thinking YES ME TOO! Sometimes I think my body is eternally going to be tied to the schedule of the education system and the 'school year', meaning my head is nearing the end of my Summer holidays and gearing to get back to it all in September. Anyway, it'll all pass and these ups and downs are part of life we cannot avoid

On a HUGE positive note - I am off on holiday today! Ben and I are going to Greece for a week with some friends. We are going to be on a boat so I have no idea how much internet access I will have - I have scheduled all my posts on here so the content will still be the time, but I shall be power reading as many books as I can and topping up my tan. This is my last hurrah of the Summer and I cannot wait, it couldn't come at a better time, and I already can't wait to be back in September full of inspiration and feeling like myself again (and moving into Autumn/Winter clothes and content, I am SO READY!!) 

It is slowly starting to feel more Autumnal in London. These photos were taken in London on Sunday on a walk Ben and I took to and around Hyde Park. It was such a lovely day and all the colours in the city are slowly making their way towards and Autumnal palette. I wore a tank top and a cardigan, which seemed like the perfect amount of layering for this weather. And my Gucci loafers!! I do still wear these but mostly just to run errands, but I still love them dearly and think they are some of the most classic shoes you can buy. These are look VERY tattered and well loved, but I don't mind that one bit! 


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