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promise to have a big book post for you all soon with all my recent reads, but I wanted to a do a separate one for David Sedaris, a new discovery for me that couldn't have come at a better time. I have been having a really hard time recently, and on picking up his book Calypso, found myself laughing out loud on the tube despite myself! Since then I bought a few more, and have now read Naked, and Me Talk Pretty One Day. Both of which have had the same effect of making me burst out laughing in public places. I love how observational his writing is, he takes the smallest moments in life and from them comes the most side splitting and amazing story. I can't recommend his books enough, even if you aren't having a bad time, there is something so so uplifting about them (without them being uplifting at all, Sedaris is such a cynic, but the whole tone of the book can't help but make you smile).

I think more generally his writing has made me appreciate reading in my life more and more. I got so into when on holiday in the Summer, and worried I would loose the habit once back in London and back to routine and business again. But so many recent days have been made easier by books and reading, especially Sedaris' work. I hope reading is something that never slips from my life again. I know those times come to us all, when screens demand more and more of our time and attention, and reading falls away from our routine. Maybe anytime that comes again I will pick up Calypso again and remind myself how good it makes me feel at times! 

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