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I've been spending more and more time in East London scoping out my next potential move (hint hint). It seems I cannot stay in one place for much more than a year, so we shall see what happens! Anyway I dragged Isaac there last week to take these photos. We've been shooting on. 28mm lens on my Contax instead of the usual 45mm, and while the focus has been a little softer, I am loving how it looks. It look even MORE like film photography, by which I mean it seems grainer than usual. So here are a couple of grainy looks, all based around a cream colour palette that I can't seem to get enough of! This shirt sent to me from Deveaux is the definitely of luxury in such a simple piece. Have been wearing it loads, and I especially like it tucked into things because it has a great shape! However, it's bloody fab untucked too. I wore my Arket denim shorts underneath which are the perfect size for this sort of styling, my Celine bag, old Superga's and Muji white socks. A great look for when you have to be on Centre Court at 12 and then dinner at 3. 

Second look involved the Toteme linen jacket. I think Toteme has to be my favourite brand ever, they just seem to do no wrong, and I have now had this jacket for around 3-4 years and it's still as good as it ever was. I am on constant look out for something similar so I can share a link with you all, but it seems pretty hard to find something! This time I styled it with some Mango linen shorts from many seasons ago, my Tods loafers (still very much in love with these), and my black Arket tank top which I been wearing so much recently! 

Photos by Isaac Marley Morgan 

DEVEAUX SHIRT (gift, on sale too!) | ARKET SHORTS (gift) | MUJI SOCKS 

TODS LOAFERS | TOTEME JACKET | MANGO LINEN SHORTS (very similar option linked) 

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