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Been collaging away again and loving it!! Isaac took these photos of at home last weekend and they’re some of my faves we have worked on together yet. These jeans are new in from Rouje and if I am honest I am not wild about them, the fit is nice but very similar to the Weekday Voyage which come in at a much lower price point. One thing I do recommend for the higher price tag is this top. It’s actually a body and is the best fit ever, and has been washing really really well (I have worn it loads since it arrived). This sort of combo always makes me feel like Steve Jobs, but the minimalism of it is always so effortlessly stylish.


Anyway I have been in a major down spell recently that I couldn’t see a way out of for weeks. This blog redsign and your lovely words of encouragement on it has given me a new lease of life, I am so focused on this right now and it feels really good. I have so many ideas of what I want to post, and am loving just sitting down and really quickly sharing things with you guys just because I feel like it. It’s been very fashion focused recently but I promise some variation in that will be coming soon!

Photos by Isaac Marley Morgan

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