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Hey guys! I did an Instagram poll asking you all whether you preferred the old blog post style of blogging, or the new mood board one - and the results were an even 50/50. So, in an attempt to do both, I will make sure to write some more updates on here going forwards, while still sharing as many photos as possible in the grid/mood board format.

It does feel like a lifetime since I have sat down and written to you all in this way. Over on YouTube I asked the simple question to you all- how are you? I want to ask that here too, as I love reading the varied responses as to what is on your mind, and how you are all managing the different situations around the globe. 

To answer it for myself; I have been better. I feel I have unfortunately had more low days than good days recently, lots of broken sleep, and lots to waking up to a gloomy feeling that lingers most of the day. BUT within this, there has been some lovely happy moments too. I am seeing friends more and more, went to my favourite wine bar for the first time last night, have been really enjoying have lots of time to myself too and lots of time in my home which feels more and more like home everyday

I think lots of us feel like we are just moving forward somewhat untethered to anything - any strict routine, and sense of being busy (in the ways we once were) on the horizon (depending on your work, mine is slowly picking up), and an understanding that this is the 'new normal' without anything feeling particularly normal at all. 

I have experienced days of anxiety unlike anything I have had before in the past month or so too. Whole days spent feeling on the edge of a panic attack, thankfully I can normally work out what it is that's causing it which makes it a lot more manageable, but to lose what feels like entire days to just mostly concentrate on staying calm is a new one for me. 

Many of you will have been pushed to new limits throughout this, I am sure, or have learnt new things about yourself in this time and your coping mechanisms. I think partly why I wanted to stop writing on here so much is a total loss of things to say - like filming videos and sharing on Instagram had pushed me to capacity - something I hate to even say when I consider the circumstances people are working under at the moment, in contrast my life really couldn't be much easier.  

UPDATE: the comments section isn't working at the moment and I am trying to fix it - sorry to have asked questions you cannot answer, but I hope to have it back soon! 

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