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Friday 1st May. 

Hello to you all on this slightly tweaked Shot From The Street. I am excited to see what this could become, but I do still want there to be place where we can all discuss things too. So every so often, I will add a 'chat' post - where we can all discuss things in the comments (if you so wish). 

would love to know how you're all doing. I can't believe we are in May already. I have had a really tough week, and I know I am not alone in that, so many friends found themselves really struggling this past week. While in some ways this way of life feels like a new normal, whenever we then gear up for a potential update on how they government foresees things developing, it serves as a reminder as to why we are actually doing this - it isn't a new 'normal' at all, it's a response to something devastating and scary! Of course we all know this will pass, and I think it's ok of the bad days seem to be coming thick and fast for us too. 

Anyway! Lets chat - how are you? Are you in a country where things are moving at a different pace? Have you also had a very very hard week? 

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