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All these photos are taken from my Instagram feed/stories over the past couple of weeks. Instagram as a platform is thriving through this with more content than ever, so I thought it would be nice to share what I have been posting on here every now and then in a massive grid - I love how the layout of images can change you they all feel so much, As opposed to flicking through one image at a time on stories, seeing something in a grid like this definitely tells a different story. 

My days have been filled with ups and downs. Trying to find new routines, eating more than humanly possible, crying a lot too - it's all very glamorous, haha! But I am feeling creative and inspired, which is a huge bonus. 

I have been living in a handful of clothes;

My Uniqlo cashmere knits, in navy and grey. 

My Weekday Seattle jeans, or Levi's cropped 501s. 

My new COS white shorts, on the warmer days. 

The Weekday hoodie that I am so glad I bought. 

My GAP men's shirt which is surprisingly comfy to wear at home. 

Arket also sent me this amazing navy blue blanket, super random but aesthetically it really has given me a huge boost, I love it. 

I have been listening to lots of Nils Frahm while I walk and read. I started Shantaram yesterday, and so far I love it. 

I painted my nails a yellow colour, this one from J. Hannah - for the first hour I hated it as I haven't worn a solid colour nail varnish in almost a year, but now I love it. 

Me and Daphne the cat are best of friends now and I am trying to convince her to move back to London with me when I get to go back, she's on the fence with the idea at the moment. 

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