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I do love these simple posts sharing what's on my camera roll from the past few days. With the endless grey weather recently it's been leaving me flat and uninspired - but looking back over these photos, maybe it hasn't been as bad as I thought! There are some pictures I love in here. So, let's go through them all:

1. An outfit I wore last week and loved, with this old Frankie Shop scarf that gives Lenny Kravitz a run for his money. 

2. I got my hair lightened a bit at Josh Wood earlier in the week, I loveee it. 

3. My diary, I bought it in japan and you can get it here. It has quotes on each page but they're all really varied (and often very random) which I love. 

4. I am working with Sezane again so went into store to pick up some jeans a jumper. The jumper is bloody amazing!!! It's not online at the moment so go into store if you can! 

5. My bed, which I love! It was sent to me from Made. I turned all my books around to try and create a more consistent colour palette, and added this throw from Vince onto the bed. 

6. My favourite breakfast, banana and almond butter on toast.

7 & 8 & 9. Mirror selfies in various spots.

10. The jumper in action again 

11. I walked home from Oxford Circus for the first time the other day. It's about an hours walk and I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I anticipated. Say this lamp least against a window in a pub and liked it.

12. Details of an outfit I wore on Sunday. My Gap jacket, Ami trousers and Sophie Hulme bag. 

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